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Uma Shaktipeeth

Mithila Shaktipeeth or the Uma Shaktipeeth is considered to be located both in Nepal as well as Bihar in India. India Beacons Sojourn conducts the tour to these Shaktipeeths from Kolkata, Patna, Raxaul as well as Kathmandu. While the Nepal Temple is generally covered in the Nepal 3 Shaktipeeth Tour Package, the three temples on the Indian side are covered as part of the Jharkhand and Bihar Shaktipeeth Tour.

History of Mithila or Uma Shaktipeeth

This is where Devi’s left shoulder is said to have fallen and Devi is worshipped as Uma or Mahadevi (Devi) and the Bhairav (Shiva) as Mahodara (the big belied one). This Shaktipeeth is also mentioned in some scriptures as being the Uma Shaktipeeth. The location of this Shaktipeeth is stated to be “near Janakpur station” in Bihar (India) now considered as modern Janakpur in Nepal.

To understand the Mithila Shaktipeeth or Uma Shaktipeeth, one need to understand  or learn a little about the history of Mithila. The history of this Shaktipeeth dates back to the time when it was a single region called Awadh. Maa Sita (Wife of lord Rama) was born in Mithila and her father, the famous king Janak used to rule this region. But today, the erstwhile Mithila comprises portions of both, the present day  Nepal and Bihar.

As regards the Mithila Shaktipeeth, there are different opinions in regard to the exact location of the Shaktipeeth. Some contend that it is located in Nepal while others contend that it is somewhere along the Indo-Nepal border in the Indian state of Bihar.

Actually, the scriptures mention that the Mithila Shaktipeeth is supposed to be a ‘Vanadurga Temple near Janakpur’. Since the exact location of the Vanadurga Temple is not defined, some contend that it is the Janakpur temple in Nepal itself that is the Uma or the Mithila Shaktipeeth.

However, in Bihar, the Mithila Shaktipeeth is believed to be at three different locations/places, namely at:

  1. Ucchait Bhagwati Temple (Madhubani, Bihar),
  2. Ugratara Temple (Saharsa, Bihar) and
  3. Jayamangala Garh or the Jaimangala Devi Temple (Samastipur, Bihar).

Thus, what we surmise is that there are four temples (3 in India and 1 in Nepal) that contend or are considered to be the Uma /Mithila Shaktipeeth.

Mithila Shaktipeeth
Ucchait Bhagwati Temple Madhubani, Bihar
Mithila Shaktipeeth
Ugratara Sthan Temple at Saharsa, Bihar
Mithila Shaktipeeth Bihar
Jai Mangala Devi Temple, Samastipur, Bihar
Uma Shaktipeeth
Janakpur temple, considered Uma Shaktipeeth in Nepal

Ucchait Bhagwati Temple

Ucchait Bhagwati Temple in Bihar is believed by many to be the same ‘Vanadurga Temple near Janakpur’ mentioned in the scriptures as being the Uma Shaktipeeth, for the geographical location of the Ucchait Bhagwati Temple is the closest from Janakpur, being only 15 kilometres east of Janakpur.

Devotees worship Maa as Siddhidhatri, i.e, the ninth form of Durga and she is also worshipped as Kamna Purti Durga. Lord Sri Rama is also supposed to have worshipped the Ucchait Bhagwati Shaktipeeth on his way to Janakpur along with Sage Vishwamitra.

The idol of the goddess is carved out of a black stone. Here Maa sits on a lotus seat. Below the lotus seat is the sculpture of the lion. Also below the lotus seat there are inscriptions of Mata Kali and a Sankha. Only the shoulder portion of Maa is visible. Her head is severed and she is worshipped here as Vanadurga. Some also call this form of the idol as being a Chinnamastika Kali.

Other than the Bhagwati temple the several other temples in the temple campus are the Bhairav Temple, the  Gouri Shankar Parvati, the Gayetri Mata temple as well as the Bajrang Bali Temple. This temple is the strongest contender for being called the Uma Shaktipeeth. 

Apart from being mentioned as the Uma Shaktipeeth, this temple has a historical significance too. It was here that the great poet Kalidas was given a boon by Mother Kali and his transformation from a fool to a great poet happened only after getting the blessings of the mother.

Ugratara Temple

Ugratara Temple is situated in the Indian state of Bihar, at a distance of about 17 Kms West of Saharsa station. In this ancient temple, the idol of Bhagwati Tara is said to be very old and is considered to be the Shaktipeeth of erstwhile Mithila. In fact the stone carvings and deities date back to period earlier than the Pala dynasty. On the top side of the deity is the sculpture of Akshov Rishi and on either side of the main deity, there are two smaller female deities which are worshipped as Ek-jata and Nil Saraswati.

The Bhairav of this temple is located just on the left of the entrance to the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple. The deity of Maa Sharda is also worshipped regularly, which is placed just besides the Kal Bhairav of the Temple.

The  Temple is associated with Tantrik cult where saints and other devotees from Nepal and far and wide across the world assemble during the ten-day-long Sharadiya Navaratra for penance and Tantrik Sadhanas and activities. This temple is also considered by many as being the actual Mithila Shaktipeeth. 

Jayamangala Garh Temple|Jayamangala Devi Temple

Jayamangala Garh Temple is situated nine kilometers from Saluna Railway Station, also in the Indian state of Bihar. The temple is located on an island in an oxbow lake. The Jaymangla Temple is believed to be one of the associated temple forming “the Mithila Shaktipeetha”. Reference of this temple as being a Shaktipeeth is found in the Devi Bhagavat. Here also, like the other three temples, the left shoulder of Maa Sati is said to have fallen. 

Devi is worshipped here as Maa Jaimangala. The deity of the temple is supposed to have “self emerged”. The temple complex is considered to be a monolithic structure and believed to be constructed by Pala dynasty.  In fact it is so believed that it was once a part of the fort of Raja Jai Mangal. There is a Shiva Temple besides the main temple which is considered as the Bhairav of this temple 

The place is also believed to be historically important as well. There are four mud hills around the lake and Buddhist influence has been found near the lake and the temple which is supported by articles, artifacts and statues found in excavation from this site.  Some other temples present in the same complex are the Mahavir Temple as well as the Sri Hari Temple.

The location of this temple is such that it is surrounded by greenery all around. The presence of migratory birds during the winter season in the oxbow lake is an additional bonus for bird lovers.

However, a Caveat : Beware of monkeys

Janaki Temple Nepal |Uma Shaktipeeth | Shaktipeeth in Nepal

Janaki Temple occupies a place of reverence and worship for the Hindus all over the world. As per the Hindu epic Ramayana, Janakpuri/ Mithila is said to be the birth place of goddess Sita (wife of Lord Rama). At the heart of present day town of Janakpur lies the Janaki Mandir, also called the Janakpur Dham. This temple is one of the finest examples of Hindu-Koiri Nepali architecture having a stunning white facade.

This marble architecture built in extravagant Mughal style, is Janakpur’s most important temple and is dedicated to Maa Sita, the wife of Rama.

One has to walk through the central 30-metre high arched gate on the ground floor to reach a courtyard with the sanctum sanctorum in the centre housing a grand idol of the Goddess Sita. Locals worship goddess Sati as Uma Devi or Mahadevi and Lord Shiva (Bhairav form) as Mahodar. According to the  mythology of Daksha yagna and Sati’s self-immolation, Sati’s “Left Shoulder” is said to have fallen here.

Hence. many consider the Janaki Mandir as a Shakti peeth and believe the presiding deity of this temple to be Uma Devi and the Bhairava of the temple is considered to be Lord Mahodar.

So where is the actual Uma Shaktipeeth located ?

The location of the Uma Shaktipeeth is a matter of great debate. Each of the four temples mentioned above contend themselves to be the actual Mithila or the Uma Shaktipeeth. While we do not contend and contest the belief, the authenticity and the locations of any of the temples, we consider all the four temples as being part of the Mithila or Uma Shaktipeeth. hence we have designed different packages to cover all the temples of the Shaktipeeth.

We cover the Janakpur temple as part of our Nepal 3 Shaktipeeth tour packageAs regards the other three temples located in the state of Bihar, we cover these three temples as being components of the same Shaktipeeth as part of our Jharkhand and Bihar Shaktipeeth Tour package.

You have the option of starting the Jharkhand and Bihar Shaktipeeth Tour packages either from Kolkata, Gaya or from Patna.

However, in case you want to cover all the four temples together as, we can design the same for you. Kindly get in touch with us and we would be glad to assist you.

We have listed below  a few packages for your convenience, You can choose from any of the packages below to cover the Mithila Shaktipeeth, the Bihar and Jharkhand Shaktipeeth as well as the Nepal Shaktipeeth

Nepal 3 Shaktipeeth Tour - 7N 8D Ex. Kolkata

Uma Shaktipeeth

Kolkata, India

The Nepal 3 Shaktipeeth Tour starts from Kolkata. This guided tour gives a comprehensive coverage of the 3 Shaktipeeths of Nepal, including the Gandaki Shaktipeeth

Nepal 3 Shaktipeeth Tour - 7N 8D Ex. Kathmandu

Guhyeswari temple Shaktipeeth

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Nepal 3 Shaktipeeth Tour starts from Kathmandu and this guided tour gives a comprehensive coverage of the 3 Shaktipeeths in Nepal

Nepal Muktinath Shaktipeeth Tour - 7N 8D Ex Kathmandu

Guhyeswari Shaktipeeth

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Nepal Shaktipeeth Tour for 7N 8D starts from Kathmandu and covers the Shaktipeeths of Guhyeshwari Temple and the Muktinath Shaktipeeth of Nepal

Nepal Shaktipeeth Tour with Muktinath - 7N 8D Ex. Raxaul

Nepal 3 Shaktipeeth Tour

Raxaul, India

The Nepal Shaktipeeth Tour for 7N 8D starts from Raxaul in India and covers the Shaktipeeths of Guhyeshwari Temple and the Muktinath Shaktipeeth of Nepal

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is Uma Or Mithila Shaktipeeth located ?

A: Uma or the Mithila Shaktipeeth is spread over the Indian state of Bihar and Nepal. You can visit this Shaktipeeth by joining this Shaktipeeth tour package or you can arrange to visit all the four temples one after the other.

Q: Is the Ucchait Bhagwati Temple at Mithila, the Uma Shaktipeeth ?

A: Ucchait Bhagwati Temple in Bihar is believed by many to be the same ‘Vanadurga Temple near Janakpur’ mentioned in the scriptures as being the Uma Shaktipeeth. You can visit the Temple by joining this package or visit the temple from Madhubani.

Q: Is the Ugratara Temple In Saharsa considered the Mithila Shaktipeeth ?

A: Ugratara in Saharsa, Bihar is often considered the Mithila Shaktipeeth along with the Ucchait Bhagwati Temple and the Jaimangala Garh Temple. It can be reached from Saharsa directly or by joining a tour package.

Q: Jayamangala Garh Temple is often called the Mithila Shaktipeeth. What is the reality?

A: Jayamangala Garh Temple, situated nine kilometers from Saluna Railway Station, in the Indian state of Bihar is often called the Mithila Shaktipeeth. You can visit Jayamangala Garh directly from Saluna or join the Shaktipeeth packages conducted by India Beacons Sojourn for hassle free darshan.

Q: Janaki Temple at Janakpur in Nepal is often called the Uma Shaktipeeth. What is the fact?

A: Janaki Temple in Janakpur Dham, Nepal  is considered to be the Uma Shaktipeeth by many, where Devi’s left Shoulder is said to have fallen. However there are three other temples Ucchait Bhagwati Temple in Madhubani, Ugratara Temple In Saharsa and Jayamangala Garh near Saluna which are also considered the Uma Shaktipeeth.

Q: How can I visit all the temples of the Uma Shaktipeeth together?

A: Uma Shaktipeeth tour packages are conducted by India Beacons Sojourn from Patna and Kolkata. You can join the tour to visit all the temples of the Shaktipeeth together. You can also visit each of the four temples  individually. 

Q: Which is the best starting point to visit all the temples of the Uma Shaktipeeth ?

A: Uma or the Mithila Shaktipeeth Temples can be best approached from Patna or Gaya. You can also start from Kolkata as well. India Beacons Sojourn conducts Tour packages covering all the temples from Patna, Gaya and Kolkata for the convenience of guests.

Q: How many Shaktipeeths are there in Bihar?

A: Uma or the Mithila Shaktipeeth comprises of 3 temples that are in Bihar. Other Shaktipeeths in Bihar are Patan Devi at Patna (Magadh Shaktipeeth), Mangala Gauri at Gaya and Chandika Sthan at Munger.


Uma Shaktipeeth

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Uma Shaktipeeth

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